About Us


Little Bento World strives to bring you the largest, genuine and authentic bento range in Australia, specialising in a wide variety of  Bento Lunch box with the focus of supporting and encouraging healthy meals for the whole family.

We are a family owned small business here in Perth, Western Australia. Shipping Australia wide and to New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA.

“Bento” is something Little Bento World is very passionate about. The world of Bento is an amazing journey of fun, creative and inspiring food. It is the Japanese art of packing an appealing meal in a divided bento lunch box.

Little Bento World was opened in February 2013, by Yvette Bowyer, who has been blogging since 2011 about Bento Lunches she creates for her children (age 2 and 4), after having own struggles with her daughter’s eating habits.

After overwhelming feedback, support and emails from other parents seeking advice on getting their fussy children to eat, Yvette realised that there was a need for resources and tools to help Australian families create fun and exciting lunches to help encourage their children to eat healthy meals of their own.

Yvette has found it hard to find high quality products that were different and fun here in Australia. After spending many hours researching and speaking to Bento users and distributors, Little Bento World now offers the biggest range of the highest quality Bento products and accessories that are directly imported from Japan or America in Australia. Many of the products are totally unique and exclusive to Little Bento World.

Yvette uses every single item she stocks in the store, so you know it has been tried and tested in an Australian home and is something her children adore.

Little Bento World’s products will help you create lunches that are “Rubbish Free” and bring excitement back into an otherwise normal lunchbox!

Yvette is very passionate about Bento style lunches and believes that thinking outside of the square sandwich and getting a little creative with the everyday lunch box can do wonders for the appetite and imagination of your child. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple cookie cutter can do wondrous things in a lunchbox.

Little Bento World can be found on Facebook and please take the time to visit my blog at Little Bento Blog for inspiration and to see the products Little Bento World stocks, in use!

Happy Bento-ing!

Little Bento World