Striving to bring you the

largest and genuine range of

Lunch Box | Bento Box | Bento Accessories

in Australia

Our bento passion and specialty is to support and encourage parents
to create healthy meals for the whole family.
Our range of popular lunchboxes in Australia like the Yumbox Shikiri EasyLunchboxes,
Bento Boxes, Sandwich Cutters, Reusable Yoghurt Pouches, Rice Molds, Egg Molds
and Bento accessories will help you encourage your children to eat healthy meals.

Little Bento World’s products will help you create school lunches
that are “rubbish free” and bring excitement to their lunchtime.

Thinking outside of the square sandwich and getting a little creative with
the everyday lunchbox can do wonders for the appetite and imagination of your child.
We are the first Bento Store to open in Perth .
Opened three days a week:
Tuesday and Fridays 10am – 2pm.
Saturday 9-12pm.
Unit 1, 35 Sustainable Avenue, Bibra Lake.